Beautiful Sights in a San Diego Limo

Hello friends! People to people network has been proudly working to dedicate our time to serving the people with useful and insightful information. A recent trip to San Diego uncovered some beautiful sights and scenery from the comfort of our limo. It was actual a glorious trip of great proportion. And our beautiful limo service made the experience all that more enjoyable :) And that was all thanks to the helping hands of San Diego Limousine.limo_service_in_san_diego

Balboa park was absolutely amazing as were all of the campuses. USD has a magnificent historic Victorian style of architecture. The USD was also beautifully located right over the La Jolla cliffs and was gorgeously displayed over beautiful terraces. Here you can see gliders and hundreds of people gathering to enjoy the nice warm summer sun and good times. Displayed is a local artist who created these beautiful works of art with drift wood!

We were fortunate enough to be accompanied on this trip by a very most luxurious limo of great proportion. This added to our whole experience of glorious aptitude. The Hyatt downtown was a nice touch to the entire trip and there are so many sights to see. North park has some great nightlife, the breweries were stellar and I hope next time we will be able to make it out to the vineyards of Temecula.

Our limo service in San Diego was so nice and cheerful, I hope to be able to meet him again as he was a beautiful person with a great soul. I loved every part of this journey. And our glorious limo San Diego service was unprecedented.

I am so thankful to have been able to go on this tour of San Diego and I am extremely grateful for the great limo service in San Diego that carried us around the city delicately the entire time. Think of it as… a cusp of nature on the wind… A leaf that precariously falls with no sense of fear… only surety.. It faces upwards as it falls and nestles precisely where it belongs. That was our limo service in San Diego.. That completely defines it in it’s entirety.

El Cajon Taxi Service

Hellel_cajon_taxi_cabo hello everyone! We are back from another great adventure. We couldn’t help ourselves but to go back to San Diego for some sand winter wonderland! There’s something really nice about being able to escape from the snow into palm tree paradise. This time we were treated with a beautiful and glorious taxi service cab ride from the airport to our hotel in El Cajon (more like a sanctuary retreat actually). And it was one of those benevolent journeys.

We were able to meet with the owner again as I always love to do, and simply talk to him about running a cab service in El Cajon. He exclaimed it was much easier than one would think, it just takes a lot of patience. That’s reaffirming to hear, usually we hear about how difficult companies are to run and here’s the owner of El Cajon Taxi Cab Service telling us that it’s actually rather easy. Hmmmm?

So I dug into him a bit further and realized he is a kindred spirit as well. Ahh. There it is, that makes perfect sense, considering his standpoint on life and how seemingly easy it is to run his taxi service!

We left the cab headquarters to continue our journey to our retreat and it was just an amazing experience. We went skiing up in big bear, we traveled all of the south west coast in pajamas and slippers and took back our life (in what we found to be) the most simple and easy peace. Didn’t want to make this too long of a post, I just wanted to put it out there that this taxi service in El Cajon was really cool and actually a great time to add to our already great trip. It’s always nice to meet the owner of any company as they are fulfilling their dreams in one way or another, making life easy for people to people.

Well, all, hope this holiday season treats you with warmth and cheer. Until next time!

Further Insights Into The Human Psyche

I just wanted to explore the insights of the human psyche. It seems there are perplexing details that define each individual. The ego, the id, the soul, chakras and human interaction.

We must remember to keep our ego at bay lest it take control of our whole being. One can do much by being humble about certain aspects versus letting it go to their head. An inflated ego leaves little room for improvement and constantly need for stroking the ego. Eventually their glass will be knocked over and emptied which is great to start again.

The soul requires nourishment just as the body and mind do. They all require stimulation. Find daily activities that stimulate your mind and thrive in them. Immerse yourself in the pleasures of the world and the things you love to do most.

Your chakras are your energy points in your body. Connect with the earth, feel the sun and maybe even the nice cold water of the ocean (as we did in San Diego which was amazing!). This stimulates your energies and will keep you from becoming sick. Really, it is amazing what happens when one lets them self free.

Bounding energy and life portals await you dearest. You must open up and become one with the flow of the universal consciousness again. Become one with the flow of energy of happenings that occur all around you. Take part in it. Satisfy yourself, alleviate the mind, soul and body and be free from sickness, worry, lack, and apathy.

I love all your blessed souls so much I hope you understand that this comes from the heart and I want to see you succeed at everything you do just as much as the next successful person. Please understand it will take perseverance, hard work, dedication, reformation of habits, and at times, total control of the mind and body.

We will go over success in the next post. I truly look forward to seeing you all there.

Welcome to The People’s Associative Network

san-diegoHello and welcome to the newly founded People to People Associative Network; a place to come and share ideas and ponder life’s queries. I want to start by going over some positive things that are happening in humanity.

Germany has recently made all universities tuition free and are leading with Norway on how fundamental post high school education should be mannered. The people deserve it.

I will also be talking about my recent trip to San Diego and the highlights of the beautiful landscape. Please feel free to comment back and forth and speak with me regularly as I look forward to speaking with you.